Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A golden warmblood?!

The horse that I originally called my trainer about, was a cremello Canadian Warmblood. I had a few hold ups on him.... he was only 4 years old, he had been a stallion up until 6 months ago, and he wasn't trained past 1st level.

Side Story: When I was 13, I was the luckiest girl in the world, and my parents must have seen some amazing potential because they flew me, my mom, and trainer out to an AMAZING auction in California. The auction had Hanoverians fresh from Germany. Most were about 3 years old, and had not been in training for very long. There were also tons of mares in foal, and also some yearlings. It was an amazing experience, and I got to ride on tons awesome horses. I ended up getting Anika, a beautiful 3 year old mare, and we grew up together, we trained eachother (with the help of our trainer, haha!), and had an amazing relationship. When I turned about 17, and began thinking about college and boys.... horses were on the back burner, and I am so ashamed to say that I didn't even really get sad when we sold her. It finally hit me my 2nd year of college. I missed riding, I missed dressage, I missed HER.

I tell that story to say this: I have ridden and trained a baby. I was not sure if I wanted to do that again. Also, he was a stallion just 6 short months ago. Mix that with the young age, and you have an almost certain recipe for disaster considering I haven't really been on a horse (for dressage purposes) in about 8 years.

I went ahead and trusted the description of the horse, and set up a meeting. My trainer couldn't come, so we videotaped it. He was nothing like what I imagined. His light colored eyes were actually beautiful. He was calmer than any other dressage horse I have seen, and I was actually able to ride across an open field to get to the arena with out a worry in the world that he would spook.

The biggest problem was that we was TOO lazy! I wasn't wearing spurs or carrying a whip, and I had to kick for every step that we took. My mom even noted that she could ride him... she is happy with slow trots and canters that may break at any step. She is comfortable on those horses, where I like some energy, I like the ability to explode from a corner and lengthen strides. This was not that horse! It just wasn't in his personality!

Here is the video, see for yourself!

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